Stanley- 10-175 Cable Stripper (Aluminium + Plastic)


Stanley 10-175 Aluminum Roller is a genuine product manufactured by Stanley, manufactured using state-of-the-art American technology, Stanley Hand Tools is always trusted for its durability and quality. High quality products with relatively cheap price.

stanley 10-175 with a compact design, easy to carry with you when you need to move in the work, stanley 10-175 cable knife is highly applicable in the power industry or in households, knives have Tooling, cable separation, wire by knife with thin blade, sharp, sharp beveled tool for more accurate pulley.


The stanley 10-175 has a stainless steel alloy blade, which is extremely resistant to oxidation, providing exceptional durability, less breakage than conventional blades, and a sturdy aluminum body. Curves make the feel comfortable when using. There are three steps to adjust the length of the blade, to meet the needs for work.


With the meticulous machining of the sharpening blade, it can quickly manipulate the workpiece in a single bevelled path, ensuring that no damage is made to the material. At the same time, the stanley 10-175 has a safe locking mechanism that puts the blade in the body, ensuring absolute safety when not in use.

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