Stanley Screwdriver Set 66-039


The Stanley 66-039 stainless steel screwdriver is a genuine Stanley product that is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology from Stanley, tested by a stringent quality assurance facility. High durability and reasonable price for consumers, Stanley products become the best choice for domestic and foreign markets. Tuan Gia Minh Trading Co., Ltd is confident to be the genuine distributor of quality products under the Stanley brand, giving domestic users the products with high application in professional work and with good price. Best.



Stanley 66-039 stainless steel clock screws are made from high quality steel, with good hardness and good heat resistance. Product design specialized for the repair and disassembly of small electronic products such as watches ... high-screw screws help keep the screws when used. Rugged iron grip design for easy screwing.



Stanley 66-039 6-piece clock screws are compact in size and are easily stored in the toolbox. In order to increase the shelf life of the product, users should thoroughly clean and store the product so that the product stays in good condition for subsequent use, cleaning to minimize wear. .

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