Stanley - 14 Combination Wrench Set 80-944



14 COMBINATION WRENCH SET 80-944 is a genuine Stanley product that is manufactured using state-of-the-art American technology and is patented by the Stanley factory. The quality and durability of the product and reasonable prices for consumers, Stanley products gradually become the best choice for domestic and foreign markets.


14 COMBINATION WRENCH SET 80-944 are made of high quality steel, giving good durability and rust resistance. The product has good durability does not warp or break when using force or strong impact from the external force. The 8-32mm round wrench set includes 14 convenient parts, with 2 convenient turning knobs to allow users to flex easily in tight spaces. The product is highly applicable in the installation and repair work in many different industries or use in the household.


14 COMBINATION WRENCH SET 80-944 is a compact, easy-to-carry, pocket clip. In order to increase the shelf life of the product, users should thoroughly clean and store the product so that the product stays in good condition for subsequent use, cleaning to minimize wear

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