Ss - Rescue backpacks- SKS 160

Load: Skysote SKS 160 Exit Backpack for people weighing 30-120 kg
Cable length: 50m (12-15th floor or lower depending on the design of each building). ASTM (*) fire resistant cable.
Weight: Skyscape skyscraper SKS 160 and weighs about 10 kg
Sliding speed: The automatic braking system allows the exits to slide down at a speed of 1-2 meters per second.
Safety: Certified quality hangers mounted to the wall with thermal expansion bulb for concrete, up to 25 KN (equivalent to 2,500 kg of force).
Color: Skysote SKS 160 Exit Backpack has outstanding colors and reflective stripes to quickly find and identify equipment in smoke and dark conditions.
Skysaver SKS 160 Exit Backpacks are lined and adjustable to size, ensuring maximum comfort.
Attached services: installation of hangers and testing of the strength of hanging hooks at home. Manual instruction.
Product insurance: Skysaver SKS 160 Exit Backpack is covered

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