Samsung-TV- UHD 4K Series - 65 Inch- 65Q7FAM
QLED. Peak TV technology
Quantum Dot - Next-generation quantum dot technology, with an advanced alloy core, delivers the perfect color for an unmatched visual experience.
Q Color
Discovering the colorful world will change the way you look at TVs. The wide range of colors extends beyond the standards of the Q7F TV to deliver the ultimate in home theater.
Q HDR 1500
Admire every little detail. The suction draws in each moving frame, looking for detail images hidden deep in the dark or glistened by the bright sunshine.
* Maximum brightness may vary depending on the product line and screen size of the TV
Q Viewing Angle
No more worrying about color noise. Experience the same everywhere. With vibrant color and great viewing angles of Q7F, you can enjoy entertaining content in any location.
Q Contrast
The Q7F delivers a deeper, more realistic viewing experience with the perfect sharpness of each frame regardless of day and night.
Q Engine
Heart Q Engine faster, more powerful, delivering a perfect viewing experience. Outstanding processing power and powerful content analysis for optimum image quality.
Simple Connectivity - Space Optimizer
The Q7F TV can be wall mounted as a perfect masterpiece, not distances. This smart design ensures the airy living space, as well as make you feel comfortable, excited. great.
Optimized living space, completely replaced the messy wires with super-thin cable is almost invisible. Every TV connection to all devices is simple, neat and tidy.
Design your own living space with a single super-slim cable that can link any peripheral.
Design overflow, beautiful every angle
One Remote
Control all devices with just one remote. This smart remote lets you control TV devices and other connected devices.
Smart Hub - endless entertainment
Connect smartly to all multimedia content on the same interface. Easily access many different devices and browse content easily before you start enjoying.
Automatic identification
Automatically find and identify connected devices quickly. The QLED TV automatically displays the device name and input options completely.
Smart View

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