samsung-TV- 65MU6400
Exquisite design, elegance
Smart TV The Samsung 4K 65 inch UA65MU6400 is a smart TV that Samsung has launched in 2017. The television is easy to attract the user at first sight by the elegant design, beautiful and delicate.
Ultra HD 4K resolution
Samsung 65 inch TVs are equipped with up to 4K resolution, the Ultra HD standard delivers up to four times the resolution of Full HD resolution, giving you a more detailed, true-to-life picture.
HDR technology enhances brightness
With this Samsung 4K TV, you will be able to experience stunning HDR-like images in the home theater.
Image enhancement capability
If the source is not up to the 4K standard (from Full HD or higher), the TV will use 4-step technology to improve picture quality, brightness up to 4K as possible.
Ultra HD Dimming Technology
Samsung Ultra HD Dimming technology divides the image into small blocks to optimize color, sharpness and contrast for deep black and pure white.
Remote Smart
Smart Smart TVs from Samsung will help you control your television and other devices that are connected to the TV on a single remote.
Control your TV, share photos from your phone
With the Samsung Smartview application, you can easily control your TV with your smartphone (Iphone and Android). In addition, you can share photos from your phone on TV for everyone to watch.
Intelligent Smart Hub interface
Smart Hub TV interface allows users to access applications and content easily, quickly.
Automatically detect the device
This Samsung TV also has the ability to automatically identify and name the devices you have connected to the TV.

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