SamSung - Side by Side fridge Food ShowCase 636L (RH58K6687SL)
SamSung - Side by Side fridge Food ShowCase 636L (RH58K6687SL) SamSung - Side by Side fridge Food ShowCase 636L (RH58K6687SL) SamSung - Side by Side fridge Food ShowCase 636L (RH58K6687SL)

Antibacterial Deodorant Filter

Two independent Twin Cooling Plus cooler in preventing and stopping East are likely to keep the humidity to 70%, the excess over 30% compared to a conventional cooler cabinets. Thus, food from the East and the cool pane pane do not mix the smell each other, avoiding wither and always fresh for long time.

Bộ Lọc Khử Mùi Kháng Khuẩn

Keep The Cold Effect

Keep the heat shield helps keep the cold efficiency and limit the heat loss condition, so the food is preserved better and always fresh, even when you open the door often Showcase. This metal plate is not only easy to clean but also help improve the look of luxury for your home refrigerator.

Giữ Lạnh Hiệu Quả

Maintain Fresh For Longer

To keep food fresh longer, technologically Precise Cooling Chef will minimize temperature fluctuations within ± 0.5° C by constantly sensing the change in temperature and then control the correct operation of the compressor.

Duy Trì Độ Tươi Ngon Lâu Hơn

Luxurious Glass Door, Easy Food Options

Showcase door is seen as a "refrigerator" unique attachment makes it easy to find quickly those favorite dishes, often used by the whole family. On the door has 5 's preventing extensive packaging for different foods, such as cheese, sauces, beverages or snacks.

Cửa Kính Sang Trọng, Dễ Lựa Chọn Thực Phẩm

Fresh Food Is Perfect

InnerCase inner compartment will help the foods fresh always perfect. Be placed deeper in the refrigerator side, this is the ideal location for storing and preserving these foods are perishable and large size such as vegetables, fruit or meat.

Thực Phẩm Tươi Ngon Hoàn Hảo

Flexible Liquid Holder

Flex holder Guard allows you flexibility to use the space inside the cabinet door to store bottles, jars of different sizes that sail wasted storage space. The height of this holder can be easily adjusted to suit the type of bottle, the bottle is high.

Ngăn Chứa Chất Lỏng Linh Hoạt

"Transported" Food To Anywhere

Tray Lock N Move was completely enclosed design, the gas can move and fit joints on the stands, thanks to which you can preserve food in the cooler compartment or prevent the East. Ideal when you want to preserve and then Defrost raw meat in cool drawer or store dry foods (such as tea) in the East.

Beautiful Design, Harmony

With chic designs and many fashionable color choices like the Gleam Combi (refined copper color), refrigerator Twin Cooling Plus ™ will improve elegance to modern kitchens. Moreover, the design of deep space will help the refrigerator is fit, in harmony with all kitchen, not to reveal any details of any excess.

Thiết Kế Đẹp Mắt, Hài Hòa

Many More Storage Space

Owns extensive storage space with a capacity of up to 620 litres, freezer Twin Cooling Plus ™ will help you to store and easily arrange for food throughout the week in a neat way. Thanks to it, you can find the dish you need extremely quickly.

Nhiều Không Gian Lưu Trữ Hơn

Clean The Air

The Active features Fresh Keeper helps hold the refrigerator always clean, sanitary. The air after rotation through the activated carbon filter will be persistent deodorizing, antibacterial mesh that is attached to help eliminate bacteria effectively.

Làm Sạch Không Khí

Light Breeze

The new LED lighting system designed for the thinner, lighter subdued lighting, saving more energy. Thanks for that, not just a refrigerator space is expanded, advanced light spread to every corner of the cabinets, but you also reduce power consumption

Ánh Sáng Dịu Nhẹ

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