SamSung - Tủ lạnh Side by Side 2 dàn lạnh 570L (RS554NRUA1J)
SamSung - Tủ lạnh Side by Side 2 dàn lạnh 570L (RS554NRUA1J) SamSung - Tủ lạnh Side by Side 2 dàn lạnh 570L (RS554NRUA1J) SamSung - Tủ lạnh Side by Side 2 dàn lạnh 570L (RS554NRUA1J) SamSung - Tủ lạnh Side by Side 2 dàn lạnh 570L (RS554NRUA1J) SamSung - Tủ lạnh Side by Side 2 dàn lạnh 570L (RS554NRUA1J)

Designed Especially For Modern Kitchen

Thiết Kế Đặc Biệt Cho Gian Bếp Hiện Đại
RS554 brings the elegant beauty and courtesy for your House. Handles and hinges are hidden help boost minimalist and elegant looks for modern design. In addition, the refrigerator will be the favorite items every home with the subtle design (white Shiny River White or EZ Clean Steel) resonate with the LED screen show blue.

Multi-Multi Air Flow

Đa Luồng Khí - Multi Flow
Multi system air flow is set around the holder, help maintain the temperature throughout the refrigerator, especially after you open the Cabinet. Cooling system are off the stop, help your food fresh for longer time.

Anti-freeze Snow

Chống Đông Tuyết
You no longer have to waste time cleaning the ice layer in the refrigerator, with no effective snow winter mode. Now, more food, more damage long fresh and you will have more time to relax. Moreover, by maintaining a stable temperature, anti-winter snow consumes less energy, increase endurance for conditioning.

More Lighting, Saving More Than

Chiếu Sáng Hơn, Tiết Kiệm Hơn
Two LEDs not only as focal points for the Interior of the fridge but also help illuminate evenly everywhere help finding food is easy and fast.
Hai Dàn Lạnh Độc Lập

Two Independent Compressors

Dual cooling system with two independent cooling systems in 2 different lockers help maintain optimal humidity for food and non-food preservation and the smell.
Tiết Kiệm Điện Năng


Advanced technology with Digital Inverter compressor saves energy. Moreover, the 9 Sensors are installed to measure the temperature and humidity inside and out, along with your use habits. Results, Samsung refrigerator compressors with Digital Inverter power consumption less than 24% compared with conventional compressor.
Sắp Xếp Thực Phẩm Khoa Học và Gọn Gàng

Arrange the Food Science and Neat

Arrange the food science without spending too much effort. Three floors of the large box that helps you store all foods, whether as appetizers or dessert, frozen. The box is made of a transparent material that helps you to easily observe the food without the need to pull the box out. Moreover, they can disassemble so you have more space vertically for the foods or special jar.
Ngăn Đựng Rau Quả Rộng Lớn

Prevent Large Vegetable And Fruit Packaging

Prevent large sized fruit and vegetable packaging, combined with the ability to control moisture, help better hosting.

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