SamSung -  Two door refrigerator Compartment East Under 424L (RL4034SBAS8/SV)
SamSung -  Two door refrigerator Compartment East Under 424L (RL4034SBAS8/SV) SamSung -  Two door refrigerator Compartment East Under 424L (RL4034SBAS8/SV) SamSung -  Two door refrigerator Compartment East Under 424L (RL4034SBAS8/SV) SamSung -  Two door refrigerator Compartment East Under 424L (RL4034SBAS8/SV) SamSung -  Two door refrigerator Compartment East Under 424L (RL4034SBAS8/SV)

Energy-Saving, Environmental Protection

Friendly environment, preservation of fresh food perfectly with the new generation of Samsung refrigerator, save up to 20% energy compared to conventional refrigerator line. Digital inverter compressor Digital Inverter LED lights system improvements help reduce greenhouse emissions, optimize energy use, creating green space for your House.

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Smart Sensor Systems

5 Smart Sensor System superiority brings the ability to monitor the temperature, humidity in the kitchen cabinet and usage habits of yourself to automatically perform the proper temperature for a refrigerator process optimization, equipment operation. Conveniently receive reminders when you open the fridge too long. Save energy-efficient, the food is always fresh as new.

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The Sturdy Engine, Stable Operation

Power saving efficiency, reduce engine wear with digital inverter compressor Digital Inverter automatically adjusts the appropriate temperature for the refrigerator based on the humidity and the habit of using your own. Remove all the noise, enjoy the quiet and peace of mind using the new generation of Samsung refrigerators with the engine warranty period of up to 10 years.

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Open Flexible Folding Tray

Flexible folding tray according to the 3 steps to create more storage space for accessories for large size depending on the purpose of use.

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Cabinet Door Convenient Inner Pane

Help organise and fast food options, with favorite beverage compartment 4 design store can move. So you can easily change the location of the panes to create storage space in accordance with the type of food, beverage and low size.

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Intelligent Design More Archive

The new generation of Samsung refrigerators with cooling system installation and intelligent LED lighting helps optimize storage space inside the refrigerator, while still expressing the beauty and elegant and refined interiors.

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Power Optimization Use

Subtle LED lighting system is placed at either side of the refrigerator door brings natural light and soothing for the eyes, helping you quickly find food you need without having to light the stove. Remarkable power savings, significantly reduce the amount of heat escaping out compared with conventional lighting systems, maintaining the optimum temperature for food always fresh as new.

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LED Control Panel

Với thiết kế tân tiến của bảng điều khiển LED và được đặt ở vị trí thuận tiện hơn những tủ lạnh thông thường. Vị trí ngay tầm nhìn của bạn giúp nhanh chóng điều chỉnh nhiệt độ và sử dụng bảng điều khiển một cách dễ dàng.

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The Air Conditioning Flow Multidimensional

Cold spread evenly to every corner, maintain stable temperatures help preserve food always delicious fresh thanks to the Cold Airflow System with vents Hyperspacial are spread all over the refrigerator.

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Trendy Colours

With luxurious designs and color choices, refrigerator Samsung will perfect the elegant beauty to any kitchen space.

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Filters Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal helps to refine the air inside, remove the unpleasant odors and keep class fresh air, fresh food is always fresh, cool, full taste.

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