SAMSUNG- Headphone Level- U Pro
SAMSUNG- Headphone Level- U Pro SAMSUNG- Headphone Level- U Pro SAMSUNG- Headphone Level- U Pro

Level U Pro is a huge difference for a much better experience compared to the previous Level U, from style to sound quality. However, Level U Pro still makes a bit of sense when it comes to this headset because it's more refined, stylish with more eye catching colors and trendy with a wide variety of outfits that create a stylish look. The user is dynamic and youthful when wearing it.

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Like the first generation, the Leve U Pro is designed by Samsung to help you enjoy listening to your music while exercising and being active. The product is designed like a necklace with two powerful 13mm speaker inserts that make sure it does not fall off during movement or movement. On the two earphones are attached magnets so when not using the automatic suction, to create a neat. Physical keys such as volume increase and function keys are designed right at the right frame for convenience when listening to music and conversation.

On the headphones, you can adjust the headphone chassis size to make listening safer even wherever you go. Level U Pro incorporates the latest bluetooth technology, v4.1, to provide fast, stable, uninterrupted connectivity, 10m connectivity and multi-tasking battery power. With Multipoint technology, it's easy to connect two devices at the same time.

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U is equipped with UHQA technology (Ultra High Quality Audio) for users to listen to high quality music with impressive parameters. This technology provides a 24-bit digital audio experience with wider frequency range than standard CD-quality wireless audio, combined with noise-canceling ear pads to give you live audio experience. the sound of the concert hall. This technology is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices.

Dynamic 13mm and Piezo 13mm (piezo engine with two stator and rotor parts pressed together) providing high quality sound, rich noise reduction, noise reduction. Samsung Level U Pro is equipped with 2 microphones to help you answer the phone clearly while driving. In addition, you can enjoy excellent audio quality thanks to NR and EC noise reduction technology.

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Just like the first generation, the Samsung Level App will offer additional features such as SoundAlive (Sound Effect), Volume Monitor and Text-to-speech when connected to Samsung bluetooth headset (some additional features will depend on on your device). With 25 different effects including jazz, rock, pop ... you can adjust to match your mood and music.

Technical Specifications Level U Pro:

Pin: 200mAh

Model: E0 - BN920

Bluetooth: 4.1

Talk time: 9 hours

Music playback time: 9 hours

Standby time: 300 hours

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