Royal - Exercise Bike Royal 571D

1. Information bicycle exercise Royal 571D
- Brand: Royal
- Origin: Germany
- Processing: Taiwan
- Color: Green, Black
- Chassis made of thick steel box, with good force and high-grade anti-rust paint.
- Fixed handle with heart rate sensor function and adjustable low height suitable for the practitioner.
- There are adjustable units with 8 different levels of resistance to increase the lightweight adjustment when cycling.
Weight set: 31.5 kg.
- Weight: 35 kg.
- Maximum allowed weight: 100 kg.
- Installed area: 1290 x 720 x 1060 mm.
- Dimensions: 1160 x 340 x 630 mm.
- The Royal 571D bike is designed for older people who exercise and recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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