Wall Fan Asia L16020
Wall Fan Asia L16020
Thông số kỹ thuật Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen

Asia L16020 black fan with soft design, color combined with luxurious and eye-catching design, create harmonious for your house space

Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen-1

Compact, safe hanging wall design

Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen-2

The capacity of wing fan 55 W, diameter of 3 fan blades 40 cm  creates a strong airflow, effectively cooling on large spaces

Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen-3

3 levels of wind speed controlled by push button on fan body

Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen-4

Fan with remote control makes it easy to customize in many locations and angles, not necessarily close to the fan

Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen-5

Strong fan cage, tight knit is safe, removable and easy to clean

Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen-6

Durable silver-plated engine, smooth operation, keeping quiet space perfectly when operating.


Quạt treo Asia L16020 đen-7

Vietnamese Asia Fan L16020 high quality product brand, has long been pleased with Vietnamese consumers; Good home appliances are worth shopping for the hot season.

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