Standing Fan Asia D16020
Standing Fan Asia D16020 Standing Fan Asia D16020 Standing Fan Asia D16020

Modern design

The Asia D16020 fan - silver black color with a tall, compact design fits all room spaces without taking up too much space, easily moving in many places.
Quạt đứng Asia D16020 màu đen bạc có kiểu dáng cao ráo
Quạt hoạt động với công suất 55W cùng 5 cánh quạt

Powerful capacity

The fan has 3 wings operating with a capacity of 55W with a diameter of 40cm, creating a cool multi-directional breeze.

Remote and convenient timer function

The fan is equipped with intelligent remote control to help users more convenient when adjusting the wind level. In addition, the fan also has a convenient timer function, suitable for use at night without affecting your sleep.
Quạt có 3 tốc độ gió (cao, trung bình và thấp)
quạt Asia đem đến sự thoải mái và tiện lợi nhất cho người sử dụng.

Safe with fire-resistant fuses

Asia fans are equipped with an fire-resistant fuse and power-saving effectively, providing convenience and safety for users.

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