Procam T98 Pro 10 Inch
Procam T98 Pro 10 Inch

The main screen of the device uses an LCD panel. The display icons look visually clear when the selection is not mistaken. The visibility of the eye is usually good with the needs of the vehicle. However, the viewing angle of the screen is slightly lower, and the color and brightness drop significantly when viewed from the corners.

On the new version, notification states, home button, back and date time are split into two sides of the screen. This makes the main part of the screen look nice. The main display of the GPS navigation device is a map of directions, the speed of the vehicle along with applications such as viewing live images from the camera being recorded, music player, FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. . You can also install apps via the CH Play app store if you like. The volume control function as well as the brightness is brought straight to the screen.

In the car navigation and map selection, the manufacturer is equipped with three applications including Google maps, Sygic and Navitel.

This "split screen" feature also supports third party applications, for example, can open Youtube in half the screen and the other half display the camera screen to observe. Pro T98 4G 2018 also supports background, which means that when we exit the main screen to see the map, watching Youtube, the camera is still recording. With the latter camera, the device will also automatically display when you put the need for R or reverse number.

If you want to review, you can click directly in the camera interface to display the files recorded in each time frame and date.





The device is equipped with a 1.3Ghz quad-core MTK6735 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory (with external memory card slot) and Android 5.1. This configuration is sufficient to handle video recording at full-HD resolution. In actual use, the video recording from this cruise camera does not have the phenomenon of jerky or missing paragraphs, clear sound recordings. Under daylight conditions, the image quality obtained from the camera is crisp, clear and has better brightness than the 2017. When traveling in the evening, the camera also handles quite well with streetlights, No glare including lights when facing the vehicle. The image quality during the evening shooting was sharp enough to recognize the license plates for nearby cars.


According to the default setting, each video recording is 2 minutes in full-HD resolution of about 180MB. So with a 32GB memory card, the camera can record the journey for nearly 6 hours. After the memory is full, the camera overwrites the previously saved files. In the event of a sudden collision, the camera will mark the file as being important, without overwriting.

Pro T98 4G 2018 mainly uses electricity directly on the car. However, the machine also has a 1500 mAh battery, enough to watch the video in about 30 minutes.


In addition to the main purpose is the pro T98 travel camera, you can use this device as a tablet to watch movies, read newspapers or play games. It also comes with HD licensed movie application that offers many types of movies ... However, the aspect ratio of the screen when watching a little should not be too much and the image is only in acceptable level. Refitement of the loudspeaker of the device is relatively loud and clear little phenomenon phenomenon.


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