Pro Fitness - Exercise Bike Pro Fitness PF07

1. Information Exercise Bike Pro Fitness PF-07
Production: China
Brand: Pro Fitness - Taiwan
Import and distribution: Minh Phu Sport
Carton size: 122 x 36 x 22 cm
Machine Weight: 24 Kg
Total weight: 27 kg
Color: White - Blue, Yellow
Main frame made of stainless steel, powder coated super durable.
There are 8 levels of exercise mode adjustment that help you choose the right level of exercise.
Adjustable seat height suitable for the body shape.
Compact, modern design, compact, suitable for all spaces of the house.
The back seat feels comfortable during the workout.
The pedals are made of high quality hard plastic. There are adjustable straps that fit the size of the persons feet.
The heart rate sensor handles help the apprentice adjust the intensity of the training best suited to his or her condition.
The clock displays the parameters: time, speed, heart rate, distance and amount of carllium consumed.
Move by convenience wheel.
Tray for phone, body parts.
Integrated waist turntable, weaving.
Warranty 12 months

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