Petit Spa Cat Shampoo & Conditioner
Petit Spa Cat Shampoo & Conditioner



Petit Spa Cat Shampoo & Conditioner (300ml)


- Mild allantoin, green tea, and chamomile components clean your cats sensitive skin without irritation.

- The mild bubbles have a scent that bath-hating cats love.


* How to use

Sufficiently wet the hair in lukewarm water. Apply an adequate amount of hair and work thoroughly in. Rinse until there are no bubbles remaining.

* Precautions for use

- Be sure to close the cap after use.

- Immediately wash out if the substance comes in contact with the eyes.

- Store away from the reach of infants and children.

- Do not store in locations with high or low temperatures, or locations subject to direct sunlight.

- If not completely washed out, loss of color or hair may result. Be sure to rise out sufficiently with water.



All Petit Spa shampoo & conditioner products are free of paraben preservatives.

The mild shampoo component cleans, while the conditioning ingredients make for silky smooth hair without the need to use a separate conditioner. All products contain royal jelly, avocado and allantoin, which are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. They hydrate the hair and skin, preventing dryness and making the skin more resilient, protecting against harmful substances and calming the skin.


Petit Spa Cat Shampoo & Conditioner (300ml)

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