Panasonic - Imported Refrigerator (NR-F610GT-X2)
Panasonic - Imported Refrigerator (NR-F610GT-X2) Panasonic - Imported Refrigerator (NR-F610GT-X2) Panasonic - Imported Refrigerator (NR-F610GT-X2)

Six-door Refridgerator Panasonic NR-F610GT-X2


Thông số kỹ thuật Tủ lạnh Panasonic 588 lít NR-F610GT-X2




Sophisticated Full-flat Glass Designed

The new premium design features the beautiful transparency of glass with a colored backing. 

Strong and scratch-resistant, the tempered glass stays beautiful. So easy to clean, too. Enjoy the lastest in refridgerator design. Multi-door elegance and gorgeous full-flat glass compliment your high-end lifestyle.


Premium Multi-door Storage

The 6-door design allows you to store every type of food under optimal conditions.

+ Fridge compartment (approx. 3~6˚C)

+ Prime fresh freezing approx -3˚C / Chilled select case (approx. -3~-2˚C)

+ Ice compartment (approx. -20~-18˚C)

+ Fresh freezing compartment (approx. -19~-17˚C)

+ Freezer compartment (approx. -20~-18˚C)

+ Vegetable compartment (approx. 3~8˚C)

*The temperature may differ slightly depending on how the refridgerator is used.



Approx. -3 ˚C Soft Freezing for Optimal Storage

While the typical refridgerator freeze food to approx -18˚C to -20˚C, Prime Fresh freezing freezes it to approx. -3˚C. Since food is slightly frozen, it never gets hard. Items frozen in this way, even if they are raw, stay at their best, retaining nutrients as well as flavor and texture. There is no need to defrost partially frozen food before preparing it because it remains easy to cut and cook immediately.

*At the time of purchase, the refridgerator is in the Chilled mode. To use Prime Fresh freezing, please switch the setting.




Aluminum Plate for Even Better Freshness

The aluminum plate take away heat from items immediately after they are put in to rapidly cool them to approx -3˚C. Cool air from above and the plate ate the bottom have a double cooling effect that lets you store food items and retain their freshness.




100% Open Drawers

Since the drawer of the vegetable compartment and the freezer compartment open fully, you can see everything inside at a glance. The high load-resistant bearing rail system enables smooth, easy opening with one hand even when a lot of items are stored. The system's also exceptionally durable so the drawer won't feel any heavier even after being opened/closed for a period equivalent to about 20 years.



Large-capacity Compartments

The vegetables compartment and the freeze compartment let you store multiple large items.

And the comers are shaped to enable even more effective used of available space. Stock up and enjoy.


Less Mixing of Odors in Freezing Compartment

The separate cases let you store items separately to help prevent mixing of odors. 

Lower case: ideal for storing large items such as a whole turkey. 

Upper case: ideal for small, delicate items. It can prevent food being lost or crushed, and also prevent mixing of odors for more hygienic storage.


Fresh Freezing for Super Fast Freezing

An intense blast of super-cold approx. -32 ˚C air rapidly freeze items. Even putting in hot, freshly cooked food has no effect on neighboring items. Put in food any time without waiting for it to cool.

Thanks for rapid freezing, the cells in food items aren't damaged so the flavor and nutrients are thoroughly preserved. The difference is obvious when you thaw an item. There's hardly any drip or discoloring.



Fridge Compartment

This large, bright compartment has multiple door pockets for extra convenience. It's easy to keep your fridge neat and organized.


Ice Compartment with Automatic Ice Maker

Just put water in the supply tank, and ice is automatically made in as little as 80 minutes and stored for you. This is a real convenience on hot days when friends come over. A touch is all it takes to remove the washable ice tray and water is supplied to the tray directly, so it's hygenic. 


Hygiene Active inactivates Airborne Bacteria

Features a silver-coated filter with powerful antibacterial properties and blue LED lights that boost the effects of the filter. These technologies eliminate airborne bacteria to achieve a survival rate of 0,0001%.

This has been proven and certified by a third-party organization.


Automatic Dual Antibacterial Function Switching

During ordinary operation, the refridgerator uses Ag Clean function. When a greater volume of food is being stored, the refridgerator switches to Hygiene Active system, which rapidly eliminates bacteria. Combining these 2 functions help maintain a hygienic refridgerator interior at all times.



ECONAVI Detects and Cuts Excessive Cooling

The ECONAVI refridgerator monitors the room temperature, when and how often the fridge doors are opened, and the fridge's internal temperature, while a new Storage Sensor detects the amount of food stored. ECONAVI analyzes and responds to this information to maintain ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy

  1. Storage sensor
  2. Light sensor
  3. Room temperature sensor
  4. Door sensor
  5. Internal temperatures sensor




New Storage Eco

Using light and the storage sensor, the refridgerator senses changes in the amount of food stored in the fridge compartment and decides whether an increse in cooling power is needed.

Previously, adding even a small amout of food canceled ECONAVI operation. With new Storage Eco, ECONAVI continues to operate when food additions are small, resulting in even greater energy savings.




Inverter Changes Rotation Rate for Efficient Cooling

Microprocessor: Intelligent Sensing

A microcomputer cleverly detects temperatures inside. Precise information on each temperature change due to door opening/closing action or the amount of food stored is transmitted to the compressor.

Compressor: Intelligent Adjustment

The compressor adjusts rotation speed to suit the situation. 

The result is more efficient, powerful cooling to maintain a stable temperature inside the refridgerator.



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