ORALB-toothbrush--D16.513 Pro600
The Oral-B Pro600 D16.513 Oral-Toothbrush is designed with a medium-sized brushed body and a non-slip rubber grip that makes the grip feel comfortable and firm.
In addition, the brush body is also quite closed to provide water resistance to protect the important internal components better.
The Oral-B Pro 600 is a high performance electric brush that uses 3D Action technology other than the 2D Action used in the Oral-B Vitality brush. In addition to the continuous rotation to clean the tooth surface, brush hair can also vibrate. These two effects combine to make the effect of cleaning plaque and bacteria on the surface and interdent teeth are most effective.
Daily Clean is a timer for brushing your teeth. It allows the user to know exactly when to move the position of the brush head and when to end the brushing. More specifically, the timer built into the Oral-B electric brush will start counting down as soon as the user starts turning on the electric brush. With the Protimer feature, every 30 seconds, the brush will vibrate or ring to signal the user to switch to another half of the tooth (each tooth will be divided into two halves, a total of four halves will be cleaned in Time 4 x 30 = 120 seconds (2 minutes) after 2 minutes, the brush will stop because this is the optimal time for the user to clean the mouth and achieve the highest results without damaging the tooth enamel. and gums.

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