Optoma - Projectors S316
Optoma - Projectors S316

Optoma S3 Projector
The Optoma S316 offers simple connectivity to HDMI, the S316 is ideal for use in meeting rooms or classrooms. The 3200 Ansi Lumens brightness and contrast ratio of 15,000: 1 allow you to display bright, clear images. each letter, detail with vibrant colors by DLP® technology, BrilliantColor ™ and Dynamic Eco + integrated in the machine. The S316 also offers energy-saving features and is therefore cost-effective with an unbelievably long life span of 10,000 hours. It also features a built-in speaker, Full 3D technology and wireless option for wireless presentation from a PC or handheld device. Because it can be fixed or carried away with the included bag, the versatile S316 is the ideal projector for all your projection needs.
The Eco + technology incorporated in the projector affirms Optomas commitment to reducing the impact on the environment. Presenting anytime, anywhere You may not know in advance the bright environment of your presentation. But with the S316 bulb, you can be sure of wherever you are, as it produces powerful 3200 Ansi Lumen intensity, ensuring your presentation is bright and clear.
Cost savings with long life bulbs Minimizes the number of bulb replacements thanks to a high shelf life of up to 10,000 hours
Clear, crisp images Produce impressive 15,000: 1 contrast ratio for crisp, clear, detailed images, using unique Dynamic Mode. Combined with the Texas Instruments Institution of DarkChip3 technology, Dynamic Range automatically adjusts the light bulb, based on the intensity information of each frame; to create an impressive high contrast. The scene is bright and clear, while the dark scenes remain intact with deep darkness that brings out the brightest highlights and nuances of color.
Full 3D Using the inherent speed of DLP technology, the Optoma S316 full 3D can display 3D content from any 3D player such as Blu-ray, PS3, Xbox and Sky3D. Clear and crisp images Texas Instruments DarkChip3 ™ technology, combined with Eco +, produces a stunning 15,000: 1 contrast ratio for stunning graphics, sharp graphics and clear text. Sharp white, rich black makes images come alive and text is easier to read, ideal for business presentations and education. TrueVivid ™ Technology Optomas exclusive TrueVivid color enhancement technology balances brightness and gives true-to-life color to the viewer.
Control Expanding the RS232 command makes it simple and easy to control the S316 with any control system. Compatibility with the AMX - Dynamic Discovery Protocol is integrated into the S316. This feature allows easy installation with AMX control systems.
Fast turn-around Save time because you do not have to wait for the projector to cool down. If the projector is turned off suddenly, this feature allows you to reboot immediately, for a period of 100 seconds.
Connectivity. Simple and easy - use an HDMI cable to connect your digital audio and video to the projector, delivering crisp, clear images.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho MÁY CHIẾU OPTOMA S316

Eco AV Mute Control your presentations with the Eco AV mute feature. Navigate the audiences attention away from the screen by blackening the screen when no longer needed. This reduces the power consumption by 25%, extending the life of the bulb.
Wireless Slideshow (Optional) Making the presentation can not be easier is by using the optional wireless features of the S316 and X316. Using the Wireless Adapter (sold separately) you can connect and display wireless video presentations and documents from a laptop, PC or mobile device. Wireless Presentation (optional) Its no easier to make presentations using the optional wireless option of the S316. By using the Wireless Adapter, you can connect and display wireless presentations and videos from your laptop, PC or mobile device. We understand that product innovation is the best way to minimize the impact on the environment. Thats why we designed the product with long life, using less material, less packaging and no toxic toxins. Naturally, performance and recyclability are inherent from the product design phase. With each new product, we strive to achieve the smallest impact on the environment.

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