Optoma - Projectors S315
Optoma - Projectors S315

Optoma S315 Projector

S315 is a representative of the Optoma multimedia projector family designed specifically for small and medium businesses as well as the educational environment.

Technically, the S315 is also equipped with DLP (0.55 "DMD chip) DLP technology with 3D Ready. It has high brightness, promising good presentation even in environments with many additional light sources. In addition, the lamp used by the S315 also has a high life expectancy of 6.500 hours in the Dynamic mode. However, the highlight of the S315 is the second-generation BrilliantColor integrated color processing technology combined with 6-wheel color wheel rotation speed 3x (10,800rpm) not only helps to reproduce the full color picture more images - but also ensure smoother playback of moving images when playing high-definition video.

  Optoma S315
Presentation technology DLP single chip (SVGA DMD 0.55-inch)
Standard resolution 800 x 600 pixel (SVGA)
Brightness 3.200 ANSI Lumen
Dynamic contrast 20.000:1
Frame rate 4: 3 (standard); 16: 9
Picture / audio input 2xVGA, S-Video, Video, 2xTRS 3,5mm
Photo / audio output TRS 3,5mm, VGA out
Distance coefficient 1.95 ~ 2.15 :1
Lamp life 6,500 hours (Dynamic mode)
Presentation distance 1m ~ 12m
Integrated speakers 2W x 1
Size 319×229×89 mm
Weight 2,5kg
Accessories Handbag, VGA cable, remote, document

Reference price (Zodiac)

VND 7.9 million

Although it is a multimedia projector product, Optoma only limits the standard resolution of the machine at the SVGA (800 x 600 pixels) level with 2 popular aspect ratio slides. The current is 4: 3 and 16: 9. In addition, the number and variety of audio and video interfaces are at the most basic level. But in return, Optoma is equipped with protective bag is very suitable for users who do not need to put a fixed machine, often have to move.

The actual exposure shows that the S315 has a simple exterior design but requires a lot of room to use because of the looks of the device. It also features a 1.1x optical zoom lens that lurks deep inside the camera body with a large zoom ring so no need for extra protection.

Throughout the installation and connection process, in general, the Test Lab feels comfortable with the overall design of the communication port on the left side of the machine, "fit" for users who need to be wall-to-wall. Optimized slide show size. In addition to the ceiling mount design, the Optoma S315 can also be positioned on flat surfaces and tilt the frame quite easily - as two rubber feet on the rear side also allow for custom height adjustment. After about 30 minutes warm up to ensure stable image quality during testing - Test Lab found that the machine is running smoothly, but the amount of heat radiated quite large.

Presentation quality

Since it is equipped with a large distance lens (1.95 ~ 2.15: 1), the distance from the camera is about 240cm, and the S315 has a wide frame of 125cm. Simply put, if you want a large frame, you need to move the camera further away from the screen.

At first glance through the machine control menu system, it can be seen that the console does not change much compared to the versions of each test. Still taboos design with detailed items for each card layout is quite simple and easy to understand.



With default settings for color quality, presentation mode, brightness as well as contrast, the S315 offers a high brightness setting. Try the projector in low light conditions, the default setting of the machine shows the overall color quality is quite courteous, good homogeneity. Grayscale gradients can be easily distinguished from the naked eye without any adjustment. The color changes of the black, though quite small, also gave the same result. The hot colors with the default "Presentation" presentation set show a slight lack of saturation and black remains somewhat lacking in depth. In terms of detail, due to the limitation of resolution support, if observed from a distance of less than 2m, the naked eye can still see the pixels on the screen; Of course, small lettering will suffer from slight aliasing.

However, given the cost and results of the test data presentation capabilities of the Test Labs, it can be said that these are not significant limitations. Even some of the higher-end models with a slightly higher price range sometimes still have some limitations in reproducing dark detail. Under the condition of projection under the influence of some additional light sources, the presentation of S315 as well as frame brightness are not affected much, generally enough to meet the needs of using the machine in the meeting room / Classrooms have many light sources.

Although designed primarily for data presentation needs, the S315 still play quite well some HD content as well as Full HD 1080p is often tested. However, fast-moving Full HD footage is occasionally tilted slightly. The quality of the built-in 2W speakers is also limited, so its best to use standalone audio systems.

The Optoma S315 is quiet, fast start up and shutdown, and color quality fits the needs of data presentation in small to medium classrooms. However, if there is a high demand for image detail, users can choose models that support higher resolution, such as the X316, which has many similarities but requires a small fee.

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