Optoma - Projectors HD50

Optoma HD50

Awesome image with amazing color

Make the home cinema experience a true color



Crystal clarity - 50,000: 1 contrast ratio

Bright and vivid colors - 2,200 ANSI Lumens

New RGBRGB C / W for best picture quality

Ultra Detail II for sharp images

Full HD 1080P picture quality by PureMotion

2D -> 3D new and natural image processing

Comprehensive management - CMS + advanced color processing system

Support new 3D professional 3D glasses for the best 3D experience

Ultra Detail II

Ultra Detail II enhances the sharpness of 1080p images up to 124 Mega Pixels per second. The machines processing algorithms create subtle image details on the screen. In addition, the newcomer mode allows resolution resizing (0% ~ 150%).

Ultra Detail

Pure Motion
Pure Motion allows advanced motion control to eliminate opacity or image
Vibration, even at high speed 2D or 3D action scenes. PureMotion retains the quality of the movie while maximizing the details of each frame. In addition, the customization of the machine allows the customer to adjust to fit the individual viewing preferences.


Pure Color

Pure colors provide vivid colors, balanced with excellent consistency for natural images. The multi-billion color reproduction feature ensures smooth transitions and delicate color mixing.


Dynamic Black V

Dynamic Black V automatically adjusts the light output, based on the light information of each frame, providing excellent contrast ratio. Clear daytime scenes while night scenes retain detail in darker backgrounds for superior detail and brightness.

Dynamic Black


2D to 3D conversion technology

The 2D-to-3D conversion technology measures the time of each movie and divides the image into multiple layers to determine the true 3D experience and resolve the distortion. You can enjoy games, favorite TV shows and movies in stunning 3D to ensure you can enjoy as much as possible.

2D to 3D

Color management system

The color management system allows for flexible selection between 200 g colors, a Gamma range, color temperature or the like, refining intensity and x / y coordinates of the primary and secondary colors for accurate calibration.

1.5x Pure Lens

HD50 is equipped with a special glass lens, assembled in four groups by 12 multi-coated glass; The high resolution 1080p 1.5 × 1.5 lens provides excellent focus. The lens reduces the mismatch and maximizes coverage to eliminate purple spots at any length; Lens for clearer, detailed and richer color. Reveal the perfect movie screen.




The HD50 is equipped with the ISFccc function, which allows the ISFcccs calibration device to adjust the contrast, color, sharpness and color levels for both day and night viewing with a high degree of accuracy.


6 wheel color primary segment

The HD50 uses six-segment RGBRGB color wheel, a wider color gamut than HDTV, for pure color. The basic color wheel also increases brightness and contrast; For better gradation of warm red, blue, and yellow.

Wide range of input / output options allow a wide range of input sources to connect to the HD50.

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