OPTOMA -  Projectors HD36
OPTOMA -  Projectors HD36

Optoma HD36 Home Theater Projector - Optoma HD36 Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector
The Optoma HD36 is one of three Optoma projectors launched into the market by the end of 2014. Classified as midrange, priced at around $ 32 million, and high-definition configuration. bright 3000 ANSI lumens combines the latest 6-segment RGB color wheel for fresh and vivid colors, 30,000: 1 contrast ratio for crisp detail images, 1.5x zoom lens for large image projection In shorter range, the powerful 30W stereo speaker system integrates the latest in technology. The Optoma HD36 deserves the focus of the most expensive bargain hunters, as it is one of the best entertainment projectors out there.

Preliminary evaluation of the Optoma HD36


- Technology: Single 0.65 "1080p DC2 DMD
- Light intensity: 3000 Ansi lumens
- Real resolution: Full 1080p (1920 x 1080) 2D / 3D
- Contrast: 30,000: 1
- Lens: f = 20.7 ~ 31.1 mm, F / 2.42 ~ 2.98; 1.5x manual zoom / focus lens
- Moving lenses: Portrait + 115% ~ + 132% ± 5%
- Image size: 50 to 500 inches
- Zoom ratio: 1.5x Zoom
- Built-in speakers: 15W x2

Design and features

The Optoma HD36 features a separate design from the predecessors of the predecessor, which looks a bit thicker, with a very large size (399 × 299 × 169 mm) with a weight of 4.5 kg. The heat sink is located on the side of the black with the machines black, if the first look is difficult to recognize. With large size, the machines heat dissipation is quite good and strong, while the test machine is relatively quiet and cool.

The lens of the camera is designed to avoid dirt and direct impacts on the lens. Optoma HD36 is also equipped with a special glass lens, assembled into four groups of 12 lens; including an ED lens, designed to reduce chromatic aberration and purple spots. In addition, the optional 1.5x Optoma HD36 can project a large projection screen 100 inches at a distance of 3m.

optoma hd36

Other features:
The Optoma HD36 projector features 1080p Full HD image quality, 3,000 ANSI lumens color, contrast ratio: 30,000: 1,
The Optoma HD36 projector is coupled to the latest 6-segment color wheel with the latest DC3 chip, to reproduce stunning color and vibrant color with your screen. The Optoma HD36 adapts six distinct primary colors (RGBRGB) to create a new level of color performance and control; To create exactly the right image for life.
Optoma HD36 projector is equipped with a special glass lens, assembled to four groups of 12 lenses; Includes a low-dispersion lens (ED) lens, designed to minimize chromatic and chromatic aberration problems. In addition, the short throw rate allows projection of 100 "large screens within 3 meters.
The HD36 is the o-ering of the most powerful stereo speakers in the home theater market. Equipped with powerful 30W subwoofer, HD36 provides a distinctive sound made through HDMI and other video entertainment devices; Recreate the pounding elements of Digital Cinema IMAX.
Personal Scene
The HD36 is an o-ering 7 customization option, by adjusting the brightness and even depth of field, to suit the preferences of the viewing user.
3D Glass & RF Technology
Using the inherent speed of DLP® technology, the HD36 outputs video and images at 144Hz, allowing you to display full-screen, full color, and stereoscopic 3D. In DLP® Link ™ technology, 3D glasses are synchronized with the on-screen images to LTER each line to the correct eye; Your brain then combines two lines to make them jump into life. In addition, the HD36 is built with VESA 3D ports, compatible with both DLP and 3D glasses. Radio frequency provides the most outstanding 3D performance for long distances and large venue.
New Texas Instruments 0.65 "1080p DC3 Chip
Next-generation RGBRGB C / W provides the best color
The new "Vivid" display mode improves the lively and realistic feel of the object and enriches the dimension
Dual digital signal connection with HDMI and DVI-D ports
Supports HDMI 1.4a Blu-ray 3D format.
Supports Vertical Lens shift: + 115% ~ + 132% ± 5%
Auto Keystone support for convenient installation
Large 30W stereo speakers for video entertainment
Full connectivity with multiple Video / Audio I / O
Color temperature. & Gamma / Brilliant Color provides over 100+ image curves to fit any type of film
New Dynamic Technology Black. to represent the pure high contrast of the original film
Users can tune the individual colors of what they want separately.
You can create your favorite boot logo when powering on every time!
Support New 3D Professional RF Glasses Best 3D Sensation
Support ISFccc

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