MT 550 Digital thermometer
MT 550 Digital thermometer

10 Second measurement

Silent Glow TM technology

Flexible tip
Gold Tip - anallergic
Large display
Fever Alarm
C/F switchable
Mercury free solution
Automatic self-test
Low battery indication

Nhiệt kế điện tử Microlife MT 550

* Digital Thermometer with sub-allergic gilt edge without nickel.
* Accurate temperature measurement in 10 seconds.
* Silent Glow ™ technology for disease warning color display on the screen:
· The green light indicates a temperature up to 37,4 ° C.
· The red light indicates a temperature above 37,4 ° C.
* Elastic tip for easier use and gentle contact with the skin.
* Suitable for temperature measurement from armpit, mouth and anus.
* High accuracy measurement ± 0,1 ° C between 34 ° C and 42 ° C.
* Measuring integration Sound.
* Warranty Lifetime.
* Big screen.
* Waterproof.
* Automatic shutdown.
* Low battery indication.
* Instructions in Greek language.

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