MINIX first started producing mini desktop pc's, and with this MINIX NGC-1, it returns to its base. The MINIX NGC-1 is a Windows mini pc which has been announced on 5 February 2016. This is the toughest/most powerful mini pc by MINIX up until now. Besides this Windows pc, there is also the MINIX NEO Z64 on Windows 10.

This MINIX NGC-1 Windows 10 Home mini pc /TV Box has passive cooling.

The MINIX NCG-1 is the ideal multimedia pc to use on your tv. It is small in size and its sleek looks makes it an eye-catcher. Besides, it is extremely quiet in your living room.

The MINIX NCG-1 is also the perfect pc solution for in schools, in small/medium businesses and in offices. Very suitable for Digital Signage and Kiosk solutions with touch screens.

Short overview of the MINIX NGC-1

  • 64-Bit Windows 10 Home
  • Double Wifi Antenna
  • CPU: 64-Bit 2.16 Ghz Quad Core Intel Celeron N3150
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics with 12 cores
  • Working memory: 4GB DDR3L Ram (Samsung)
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage: 128 GB M.2 SSD (Toshiba)
  • HDMI: 1.4 Max. 4K @ 30fps


Intel Celeron N3150 (BRASWELL) CPU

The MINIX NGC-1 features the Quad Core (4 processing cores) 64-Bit Intel Celeron N3150 processor. Its basic speed is 1.6 Ghz with a burst/turbo clocking speed of no less than 2.08 Ghz!


The N3150 makes use of the GPU / Video processor by Intel HD Graphics. This gpu has 12 units that have a standard speed of 320 Mhz and a burst/turbo speed of 640 Mhz!





This new MINIX NGC-1 Windows 10 mini pc has a working memory of 4 GB DDR3 RAM. Samsung (which you can upgrade, if you want to)



What are the other improvements of DDR3, when compared to DDR2?


  • Performance with higher bandwidth, up until 1600 MT/s is standard.
  • Slightly improved latencies, measured in nanoseconds.
  • Better performance in case of low energy supply.
  • Improved low-energy possibilities.



This tv box has a faster internal storage of no less than 128 GB. This internal storage is a Solid State Drive (SSD) by Toshiba. An SSD is very fast and shock proof. The Solid State Drive (SSD) is used increasingly more often in multiple laptops and computers. Why SSD and what is the difference compared to a 'regular' hard disk (HDD)? A Solid Stae Drive (SSD) is a digital type of storage, which uses memory such as Flash or SDRAM. A major difference with the traditional hard disks is that an SSD does not contain any moving parts, such as rotating disks. This makes the SSD much faster, quieter, and almost impossible to encounter system errors. The SSD can be upgraded if required.



WIFI 802.11 AC

The NCG-1 has a built-in 802.11 AC Wifi module. This module has 2 outlets to connect 2 external wifi antennas to. This will give you a very stable wifi connection.





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