Minix - Minix Neo A2

2.4GHz Wireless Air Mouse / Keyboard

The MINIX NEO A2 is an all--in-one air-mouse / keyboard, that offers everything for an amazing user experience. Such as awesome audio-features, spacious keyboard,gyroscope gaming support and accurate air mouse functionality.

Gyroscope Gaming Support

By using the latest 3D + gyro technology, the MINIX NEO A2 is fully equipped with gyroscope gaming support which will allow you to use the MINIX NEO A2 for example for playing simple motion controlled games.

Superior Completeness & Accuracy

The MINX NEO A2 offers enormous freedom and mobility, a 360 degrees accurate function and superior control for the user. The dual keyboard is especially designed forefficient typing, chatting on Facebook or sending e-mails.

Microphone + Speaker

The MINIX NEO A2 also has a built-in microphone and speaker, which is perfect for Skype calling or other popular VoIP applications.

* Key functions

  • LED indicators - The control display has 3 LED indicators; the first indicates power on/off, the second detects if audio is available, and the third indicates if the audio function is active.
  • SPEAKER - on top, there is a small opening for the speaker.
  • POWER BUTTON - You can use this button to turn the devices from the MINIX NEO series on or off.
  • MUTE - This silences the sound.
  • RECEPT APPS - Shows the list of recently used apps on the system.
  • ANDROID MENU - Shows the application menu.
  • HOME - Brings you back to the homepage of your Android device.
  • BUTTON CONTROL - In the middle, there is a D-pad and the central Android button mouse functions as left-click / OK button.
  • BACK - Android back button.
  • ENTER - button keyboard intro.
  • FUNCTION - Use this button to activate the gyro mode and air mouse.
  • MAIN MENU - Between both volume buttons, you will find the main menu button, which works with certain application menus.
  • VOLUME -/+ to increase/lower the volume.
  • PLAY BUTTONS - Rewind, pause, and fast forward during playing the content on the Android device
  • MICROPHONE - At the bottom, there is a small opening for the microphone.

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