Microphone Edifier MF500 Karaoke On Car

Brand: Edifier
Model: MF500Car

A smart microphone designed for cars, FM support is stylish and convenient, comfortable to relax and entertain. You can release your soul with the music you love in your free time with friends, relatives, family ..

With the compact design, convenient to carry around in near or far. With the Micro Edifier MF005, you can sing all the time, anywhere, in any situation.
You are looking for a modern, trendy entertainment product, and this Micro Karaoke microphone for the Micro Edifier MF500 will satisfy your needs.

Frequency FM is built into the Micro MF500, adjusting the right frequency to suit your car, ..

After successfully connecting the FM to the car stereo, you connect the bluetooth connection between the phone and the Micro EDower MF500 car.

Special attention: this product is a favorite toy today, so inevitably the purchase of counterfeit, imitation goods in the market. Come to us, you are happy to discover a lot of modern technology toys genuine - good price - quality.

Owning a Micro Edifier MF500 is the perfect choice and the right one for your expensive car, it will bring absolute satisfaction to you, the person who experiences it.

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