Micro Karaoke Ki MU009

Superior sound quality
As a premium accessory for the major mobile devices, the manufacturer has taken great care of the sound quality on the karaoke microphone with the MU009 speaker to provide the best user experience.
MU009 bass is quite warm and suitable for vibrant music, dance, edm ... The mid range on the device has good detail but not very prominent, mid backward and neutral. The treble strips are also a significant improvement on the MU009 with a high degree of smoothness and clarity, especially as it is not dazzling to a high volume level - a downside common to most other types.
About the ability to record on the MU009 microphone with MU009 speakers are highly evaluated, the company has equipped with a membrane filter for their products have the ability to remove noise well so that users can sing ca Favorite songs with the best sound quality.
User manual:
When buying a boxed product you will own the complete set of accessories with full use.
First you plug in the power cord supplied to the receiver of Ki.
Continue plug the two ends (red, white) into the receiver of the Ki, the 3.5 head and then plug into the headphone (headphone) of the phone to get music, the sound of speakers.
Gate 3.5 is left on the receiver of the Ki (get the lotus jack) you plug directly into your home theater.
And finally you open the MU009S mic to select the song and enjoy the sound of flying today.

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