Micro Karaoke Ki MF003

Step 1: Turn on the Microphone until it lights up.
Step 2: Set the car's sound to FM mode, then tune in to FM radio at 107.9MHz.
Note: After the above two steps you increase the volume (sound) on the car is able to "alto 1234" already.
Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or iPad (notebook) and connect to the Micro by the name "Ki" (No Password required).
==> Completed the connection between devices (CAR FM -> Micro -> Phones).
Note: After 3 steps, you can start playing Karaoke songs on your phone or iPad (notebook) to sing.
* Troubleshooting and tips:

1) Where to get Karaoke song?
You can get music on YouTube or any web site (requires 3G / Wifi). Or you can copy your favorite songs to your ipad / notebook for use without 3G / Wifi.
2) Adjust volume for music and voice
* Volume of Micro => adjust the volume of the car.
* Volume of music => adjust on phone or Ipad (notebook).
Adjust the EQ on the car to have the most suitable vocal (Treble, Bass ..). When adjusting EQ on the car you should pay attention to the "Fad" or "Fade" quite interesting. Fad will help spread the sound forward or back of the car => this will make the voice feel very interesting.
Often the music is tuned to be smaller than the vocals to sing without being short of breath or an unpleasant hiss.
3) The annoying cry?
Micro is shaking, flashing: Battery is low (running low) or FM transmitter of the car is poorly tuned (poor antenna).
Mirco is hissing: - Do not hold the microphone at the beginning, this will cause the phenomenon of sound.
- Adjust the sound between music and voice is not reasonable.
- Reduce the car's volume a little, you will see more ok
- Adjust the Fad or Fade of the car.

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