MeLE - TV Box MeLE X2000 4K

- Play the 3D BLURAY ISO with the MELE X2000's own software, AUTOMATIC AUDIO FOR TRANSFERRING AVAILABLE LANGUAGES like Dolby Digital Plus / True HD / DTS Master.
With the dual-core configuration of 2GB RAM, eight core graphics, the ability to surf the Web, watch movies online, and play games is normal for an Android Tv Box.
- Ability to play 4K and H265 movies on the ability to expect, no lag break.
- Integrated XBMC and Live TV, with integrated MELE addon
The product includes HDMI IN, a plus for the MELE X2000, which allows you to plug in a source device, to output signals through HDMI out of the MELE X2000.
This feature is quite necessary if you have 2 HD PLAYER heads in the family, 2 IN 1 OUT.
- Supports 2 USB 3.0 ports, for faster read speed.
- Supports both CRT and HDMI resolutions up to 4K

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