Coffee Maker- Delonghi -4500
The espresso machine has a built-in touch screen, which makes it feel luxurious and easy to operate, accompanied by a "Cappuccino System" that blends steam, air and milk to create a lather for the milk. Delicious Cappuccino cups, with steam and steam control, and adjustable water and coffee for excellent coffee.
Other features of the Delonghi Esam 4500 coffee machine.
- Removable filter for easy cleaning.
- Smooth grinder with 13 adjustable levels.
- Adjustable water and coffee
- Electronic temperature control
- The height of the hose can be adjusted according to the size of the cup.
- Automatic shutdown.
- Notice of water and coffee.
- Tray of coffee grounds will dip after 14 cups or after 72 hours.
- The water tank can be removed from the machine (1.7L).
- Programmable automatic cleaning and washing
- Set the hard water level.
- cup holder.
- Drip tray can be removed from the machine.
- New patent: temperature control system, ensuring coffee is always at the right temperature.
- Adjust the amount of milk foam.
- Heat control of steam and coffee.
- Energy-saving functions.
- Power switch when not consuming power.
- Stand-by function.

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