Coffee Maker- Delonghi -4200
Coffee Maker- Delonghi -4200
Manufactured using CRF technology, the coffee beans are instant grinded to ensure a perfect cup of coffee, with the perfect flavor and temperature. Special instant warm-up function is included in the error, ensuring that the machine always reaches the ideal temperature for coffee at any time.
The DeLonghi Esam 4200 Coffee Maker incorporates a coffee grinder and the quality of each cup of coffee depends very much on the fineness of the coffee: fine coffee powder will give you a cup of brewed coffee, coffee powder The more coarse the taste of the coffee will be lighter. You can choose from 7 to 11 grams of ground coffee, corresponding to a cup of 1 to 2 cups. With a closed process and sufficient quantities of coffee, the machine will retain the aroma of pure coffee for every perfect espresso.
- The kettle removes heat from the heater, compresses the coffee, extracts the coffee or keeps it hot. The kettle will be cleaned automatically at startup and before the shutdown, or you can easily disassemble it for cleaning and maintenance.
- Thermoblock technology (Thermoblock): Thermoblock is an advanced temperature control technology applied in all bean-to-cup coffee machines by De'Longhi. The kettle will only heat up enough water to supply the required amount of coffee. The thermostat will control the water temperature accurately and precisely to produce a standard cup of coffee. This technology shortens the heating time for the machine, which can be used after only a few seconds of startup, thus saving power over conventional boilers. You can also change the coffee temperature proactively with the appropriate adjustment button.
- Quantify 1 or 2 cups of coffee with one button, you can choose the amount of coffee, enough water to mix 1 or 2 cups of coffee beans or powder. Personalized coffee function, two adjustable front control knobs allow you to choose the right amount of water and coffee for your taste and enjoyment. Self-break function, the machine will automatically break after a period of time that you install, compact and easy to use. Water tank and coffee compartment are designed in front of the machine to facilitate easy disassembly and cleaning.

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