Lufa -  Front desk BQ2200L


- rectangular desk

- The upper side is 10mm thick with stainless steel cylinder.

- Counters are combined 2 color laminate Korea designed.

- 30mm thick surface.

- There is a hole in the wiring on the table convenient.


Counter surface coating HP Korea Laminate fireproof, scratch-resistant, waterproof.

Especially suitable with the climate and consumption habits of the Vietnamese.

Color: White, WT.

General characteristics

Reception is the first area when customers, partners come to the company so it is usually designed with a high aesthetic.

The BQ2200L has a modern, youthful design with long lasting durable and durable Laminate material and a subtle color scheme that creates a luxurious look for the installation.

Dimensions W220xD930xH1100 suitable for many spaces. Dimensions may vary according to customer requirements

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