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Lò Nướng Điện Alaska KW-30
Lò Nướng Điện Alaska KW-30

1. Large capacity and capacity
Alaska KW-30 with a capacity of 30L, large space for you to cook enough food for your family. With a high capacity of 1500KW, the product absolutely does not create smoke when baking and maximum power savings for the family.

2. Durable material, luxurious design
The product is designed with luxurious black color, painted steel outer shell and oven door made of thick transparent glass. The material is durable and does not rust or produce harmful substances that affect consumer health.

3. Brings many utilities to users
The oven is designed with 4 small feet to help create a safe distance between the machine and the surface, avoiding cases of electric shock due to flooding.
The two sides of the oven have ventilation ranges (small notches on the side) to help the device be cooled and ventilated.
Handles are designed above the oven door to facilitate the opening and closing of the door, avoiding burns when taking food.
Inside the oven, the steps are designed on the side of the wall so you can adjust the height of the baking tray to your liking, depending on the temperature affecting your desired dish.
The oven is integrated with an active status light, when the light is on it means that the oven is in operation. In addition, the product also has a timer function, grill mode and temperature adjustment, convenient.


Alaska KW-30 Oven

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