Laptop ASUS Zenbook UX430UQ_GV212
Laptop ASUS Zenbook UX430UQ_GV212

Business Laptop Asus Zenbook UX430UQ-GV212


Compared to other Asus Zenbook, the UX430 is characterized by a large aluminum panel cut and covered with a glass on the surface, combined with the Zenbook's traditional concentric ribs to create a polished finish. and different.
The UX430 concentric bead is unmatched as it is etched with nanotechnology to help create ultra-fine lines between the veins and provide better backlighting.

The hinges on the UX430 make it quite hard, but can not open the phone with one hand but offset the vibration of the screen when lying on the lap or uneven surface.


Monitors are one of the most user-friendly and ASUS has done well. Set in the size of a 13-inch machine is a 14-inch screen with the advantage of a very thin bezel, just 7.18mm for a larger screen feel and more work space.

The screen on the UX430 is a 14-inch IPS panel, Full HD resolution with wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees, brightness of over 300 nit, and it is also equipped with a matte anti-refraction coating. Ensure you can work in high light intensity. The same on the UX430 also equipped with a light sensor similar to the current Smartphone, automatically adjust the brightness to suit the environment and ensure battery life under different lighting conditions.

Similar to other ASUS laptops, the ASUS Splendid software is available to make the most of the screen that best suits your needs, incorporating ASUS Tru2Life optimized video, delivering better color and better color reproduction. announced a 200% increase in contrast.

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard on the Zenbook has been more elaborately polished and no longer placed in the bottom of the set. The 1.4mm finely tuned keypad offers better typing feel and is also covered with a smooth, glossy finish for long periods of use. The keyboard is also backlit with 3 different brightness levels so you can easily type in low light conditions.

The trackpad on the UX430 is quite large, smoothly and smoothly, and comes with the ASUS Smart Gesture software, which supports many gestures for easy operation on your computer as well as your tasks more quickly. Along with it is the left mouse right in the trackpad, slightly but slightly loud, and moderate depth.


ASUS is equipped with UX420 Geforce 940MX discrete graphics to make gaming more smooth, because the machine is quite thin so I do not place too high expectations on the heat dissipation of the UX430.
With popular titles that do not require as much configuration as the LoL, Max settings for the frame always reach over 100 FPS but the temperature fluctuates at a fairly high level of over 90 degrees, which is a really ineffective temperature level. Long time use, after reducing the settings as well as locking the FPS at 60 degrees of stability at 80 degrees is acceptable with the fragile body of the UX430.

The UX430's unmatched cooling solution uses the airflow from the bottom of the unit, which takes the air out of the hinge, right next to the heat sink slot, and it's almost the only solution for the UX430. Lightweight machine like the UX430.


The UX430 is equipped with two speakers located on the underside of the unit and is calibrated by harman / kardon for detailed sound, bass and light bass, and the use for everyday needs is quite good, with a capacity of each speaker. to 3W.

Ports connected

The left side is where you put the power jack, USB-A, Micro-HDMI, Audio / Mic jack and USB-C

Right side is USB-A, SD slot and signal light, UX430 wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth 4.1 and Wifi ac full with all users.

Battery life

The UX430 is equipped with a 50-watt battery and offers up to 9 hours of continuous use, personal experience with normal tasks, use of Chrome browser, listening to music through Youtube volume 50% power saving on Windows 10 as well as to brighten the screen in Auto.
With all the above parameters, the UX430 satisfies the needs of learning / working and entertainment through the device and battery life of more than 6 hours.

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