Kitai - Vacumes compression bags including 4 bags 2(60*80CM) + 2(70*100CM)

User manual

Kitai Suitcase has 2 sizes: 60 * 70cm and 70 * 100cm.

- Size 60 * 80: Can be stored 8-12 thin, or 5-6 winter coat, or 2 pillow ...

- Size 70 * 100: Can be kept a blanket 2-2.4m, 4-5kg. Or 2 thin blankets ...

Step 1

   Open the bag and place it neatly. Be careful not to exceed the volume of the bag, preferably a space of about 5-10% of the bag is space.

Step 2

  At the mouth of the bag design a convenient slide. Once you have put the bag into the bag to do the slide lock operation, should do two drags, after pulling can be done manually check the grooves have matched together.

Note: Before pulling the slide lock should stretch the two sides of the bag to pull the zen locked completely

Step 3

  After the lock has been locked. Perform a check to see if the bag is completely closed by hand press down on the bag, if you feel that the bag "set" is closed bag. If not closed, check the slide valve, because the bag is only open when the valve does not fit.

 Step 4

  After checking the sealed bag Perform suction operation. If you use a suction pump to prevent dehydration and quick aspiration, push one part of air out of the bag by opening the valve cover and then grasp it slowly with your hand. If using a vacuum, it is not necessary to do this.

Note: Valves are one-dimensional structure, so when you vacuum the rubber, not removed. As the suction valve opens and stops the valve will close itself.

Step 5

  Once the lid is closed, the valve can be folded back to fit the bag.

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