Eucerin Ato Control 12% Omega
Eucerin Ato Control 12% Omega Eucerin Ato Control 12% Omega Eucerin Ato Control 12% Omega

Eucerin Ato Control is a line of skin care cosmetic products for dry skin, irritated skin, atopic dermatitis at the passive stage and outbreak period. The product has been clinically proven to reduce dryness, relieve itching, reduce scab and increase skin surface tension. All of these effects have been proven effective for allergic skin.


1. Uses
- Reduce and soothe red bumps, relieve itching and help reduce stress

- The solution is rich in fast absorbing nutrients, providing moisture

- Restoring skin protection barrier and increasing skin elasticity

- The skin is softer and smoother, the skin condition is clearly improved

- Effective support for treatment of allergic eczema

- Suitable for adults, children and babies over 3 months old

- Clinical effectiveness and compatibility have been clinically proven (even with skin diseases)

2. Composition
- Eucerin Ato Control Redness & Redness Cream for 12% Omega includes:

+ Omega-6 fatty acids (extracted from Primrose Oil and Grape Seed Oil) help regenerate skin

+ Licochalcone A (licorice root extract) is anti-inflammatory, makes the skin comfortable

+ Decandiol bactericidal

+ Menthoxypropanediol (peppermint essential oil) reduces itching to bring a fresh feeling to the skin

- To minimize the risk of irritation or allergy, Redness Cream, Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care Cream

+ Does not contain cortisone

+ No flavoring

+ Colorless

+ Does not contain paraben preservatives


3. Instructions for use
- Apply once to twice a day or use as a product to support Redness, Itchy Eucerin Ato Control Acute Care Skin in an outbreak. Can be applied more than twice if necessary

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