Intex - Toy - HMG
Grade 1 export, granular, glossy, solid and hard grain, durable and slippery play is very fond of, parents can star up as a drug to treat insomnia or intestinal diseases.
Standard grain export, Grade 1 selective, tested, selected strictly and dried on the line of modern technology European standards are extremely clean and safe.
If you are in need of a safe snack, you should not worry about it because it is a tonic for the digestive and intestinal tract, as well as a medicine. insomnia Smooth and heavy stuffy seeds, dried and very clean, so when used with the sand toys are very happy that parents are completely assured. Parents can use in the swimming pool INTEX used with other BBT Global sanding toys to stay tuned.
At amusement parks, amusement parks can be purchased for specialized sandcasting tanks with a thickness of 0.45mm, in two sizes:
- 300 * 400 * 32cm

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