Intex - Pool - 57422
MOUNTAIN FLOAT, rainbow float pool, after pumping 1m47 diameter, 33cm high.
The product has a rainbow color, very beautiful and eye-catching.
Tank walls are relatively thick, durable materials, smooth bottom of the pump.
With gas exhaust valve for convenient gas exhaust. The bottom of the tank also inflates feel comfortable to use.
Baths for baby bath, watery in summer.
When not playing water, parents fill the ball to play as baby ball, or other toys to play the baby.
Genuine product INTEX, durable material, colors do not fade when used.
With the product PHO BOX, INTEX, now parents can be completely assured the baby is happy to swim in the hot summer. Even in the cold weather, mothers can still bathe hot water in the home without worrying about the cold, not spend a lot of money, time to take the children to the public swimming pool, no worries in the water. public swimming pool is polluted, dirty, many chemicals, bleach harmful skin, hurt your baby eyes.

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