Ilife - Robot Vacuum V5S PRO
Ilife - Robot Vacuum V5S PRO

Specifications for the iLife V5S Pro

Let’s take a quick look at the product specifications.

Suction Power

When it comes to power the V5S Pro doesn’t really outshine its predecessors, since previous models are using the same motor. It has a max suction power of 850Pa which is identical to its older brother and to the iLife X5. The combination of 850Pa power and its dual side brushes allow it to easily pick up everything from small dust particles to larger debris, as long as the unit works on hard floors. The V5S Pro delivers that power without being too noisy. Its sound output is around 55 to 60 dB, which is quieter than the similarly powerful X5’s 65 dB output.


It makes use of the same 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery which we can e.g. see in the V7S Pro. This allows it to works continuously for up to 2h and a half, which is more than the latest Roomba. On a single charge, it delivers a run time of 140 minutes, which is good enough to clean 2000 to 2500 sq. ft. of floor space. It recharges completely in less than 5 hours. Considering these values, I would say the battery is excellent. And what’s even more amazing, the auto-recharge mechanism worked well in most of the tests. The charging bay was reached even from 10 ft. away.

Dust bin

When it comes to dust bin capacity, the V5S Pro fails to impress. It is fitted with the same 10 oz (300 ml) tank that comes with the much older iLife V5. This means if you have a big house or a home that tends to get dusty, cleaning the bin will be a much frequent affair. The bin capacity can be a deal breaker as the iLife V7 comes with 500ml tank capacity. Even older models such as the A4 and A4S are fitted with 450ml tanks. This is certainly an area where iLife should improve. However, there is something new to report here. The liquid bin is completely separated from the dust bin, and it has a special mechanism which distributes water better than previous versions.

Weight and dimensions

Visually, the iLife V5S Pro is almost a clone of the earlier V5 PRO/V5. It is notably slimmer than most robo vacs, rising only 2.76 inches off the ground. This dimensional advantage allows it to go underneath furniture and other tight spaces with much ease. It has a diameter of 11.81 inches, which is similar to the A4/A4S, but much smaller than the V7S Pro. It weighs 4.9 lbs.

Filtration System

A feature where the iLife V5S does not compromise is the filtration system. The first level of filtration is ensured by a plastic filter. On the second level, it’s fitted with a HEPA filter, which catches 99 percent of all dust particles. It can even filter particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. The filtration system is efficient enough to capture microscopic allergens and odor-causing bacteria.


iLife V5S Pro comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Under the terms of the warranty, the company will provide free repairs within the 1-year time frame unless the product is misused or damaged purposefully. Accidental breakage during usage is also not covered. Warranty may however be extended by the wholesaler from which you actually buy the vacuum cleaner.


Once you unbox this iLife, you will find that company has packed in everything you need to start using the cleaning bot immediately. Inside the box, you will get the main body, a charging base, a dirt bin, a water tank, a IR remote, 2 additional filters, 2 mops, 1 cleaning brush, 2 additional side brushes, AAA batteries for remote, an A/C adapter and a product manual.

Special Features

Much like the earlier model, it has both wet and dry cleaning modes. This model comes with an IR remote that allows you to select the modes and control other functions. The V5S Pro has an improved mop-moistening feature called the I-Dropping technology. This ensures the mop is sufficiently hydrated to provide an efficient clean. The model also comes with TPU bumpers which protect your furniture from scuff marks in case of accidental collisions.

Movement Algorithm

The iLife V5S Pro comes with 4 cleaning modes, which are Auto, Spot, Edge, and Scheduled. The Spot cleaning mode allows you to clean a specific dirty area in the house. This mode is great for cleaning up spillages. When in Edge cleaning mode, the bot hugs the walls of the house and cleans the edges. When you turn on the Auto clean mode, you allow the bot to freely go in any random direction in the house. Lastly, if you want the bot to clean your home at a specific time, then you can schedule a clean.

Unfortunately, the iLife V5S Pro does not come with a floor mapping feature. None of the iLifes do. The product would need a camera or a laser sensor which would dramatically increase its price. Simply put, it navigates the floor area randomly till it runs out of battery. If it encounters complex obstacles on its way back to the charging station, then there is a chance it will run out of battery and lie dead somewhere in the house. However, the producer made sure to program a threshold with enough battery juice to prevent this from happening. If it’s near the charging dock or the path to the dock is relatively clear, then it usually makes it back in time. The V5S Pro bots are fitted with 5 IR sensors and a wall sensor that helps it to navigate around obstacles without bumping into them. The V5S Pro also comes with 3 cliff sensors, which detect sudden drop offs such as stairs.

Small logoThe iLife V5S Pro is not a perfect product. However, there is no denying that it’s an affordable machine that gets the job done. Therefore, it’s safe to say that in this case cheap is definitely not bad. If you are looking to buy a robot vacuum that will deliver a decent cleaning performance without putting a hole in your pocket then the iLife V5S Pro is worth considering. Here’s my grade for this robot:

VGMrv table for iLife V5S Pro

Suction power 8
Battery quality 10
Dirt capacity 7
Filtration system 8
Weight and Dimensions 10
Warranty 8
Sound level 10
Special features 8
Usability 9
Price 10
Total VGMrv

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