HP 975A (L0R88AA) - Professional choice for color printing.

HP 975A Inkjet Print Cartridge (L0R88AA) - The blue ink cartridge is in the original HP PageWide ink set. 3,000 page high quality color printing ink from HP PageWide Pro 400 and 500 series printers. Selecting genuine HP cartridges helps businesses save on optimal color printing costs.


Mực in phun HP 975A Original PageWide


HP PageWide cartridge - 3,000 pages printed
The advantage of the original HP PageWide cartridge is to ensure durable, water-repellent materials that avoid watering. HP 975A (L0R88AA) lets you complete print jobs even when the cartridge is low and restricts jamming.

The HP 975A Inkjet Print Cartridge (L0R88AA) is a low-cost color inkjet printing guide and helps you manage cost effectively with professional quality ink from your original HP Original PageWide cartridge. HP genuine toner cartridges are of international quality, non-staining ink that undergoes standard production processes for optimum printing performance, with minimal errors.


Mực in phun HP 975A

Professional quality color printing results
The HP 975A Inkjet Print Cartridge (L0R88AA) is specifically designed for the HP PageWide Pro 452, 477, 552, 577 Printer series, so you can rely on fast, consistent results.

With the original HP PageWide cartridge, you get exactly the color printing you expect, along with improved fraud protection technology. Quick, easy to replace and handle large print jobs without interruptions. Thus, HP 975A inkjet ink (L0R88AA) is the optimal choice for printing jobs.

Cost effective ink
HP 975A Inkjet Print Cartridge (L0R88AA) - High performance PageWide ink cartridge with 3000 color pages. High cost, low cost printing for each page will be a cost-effective and efficient printing solution for businesses that print and print frequently. One color separates into individual cartridges so it is convenient to control printing and replace when the ink runs out.

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