HP 728 - F9J68A (Matte Black) - HP Original Toner Cartridge

Brand: HP

Compatible with the printer: HP Designjet T730, HP Designjet T830

Package: 1 park / box (300ml)



Inkjet Cartridge HP 728 - F9J68A (Matte Black) - Reliable design, easy installation and stable operation. Genuine quality makes the prints look good and durable, eliminating the need for clogs and nozzles, which ensures stable prints to the final drop. Heat-resistant, moisture-resistant cartridge, avoids wasted ink.

Pure ink: Ensure no deposits, no impurities, enough capacity, correct color.


Notes when printing with inkjet cartridges:

To print effectively with inkjet printers, users should note:

Inkjet cartridges are water-resistant and therefore easy to evaporate, so you need to ensure continuous printing, avoiding interruptions for long periods of time.

With inkjet printers, users should limit printing of documents, black and white documents because this can cause loss of ink color.

+ Print the correct technique and check the print content to use the cartridge more efficiently.

Avoid using poor quality ink will reduce the quality of printing and damage to the machine.

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