The HP 980 (D8J09A) Yellow Inkjet Printer Cartridge provides 6,600 pages of color, image and quality documents during the printing process with the HP Officejet Enterprise. The genuine HP 980 ink cartridges help protect your machine, print speed, and make your prints last longer.

HP Inkjet Printer Cartridge - 6,600 pages
The HP 980 Inkjet Printer (D8J109A) is rated as a high performance Inkjet Cartridge with 6,600 pages of color photos. Thanks to that, the printing capacity of the HP 980 (D8J109A) reduces costs by half compared to laser cartridges. The advantage of the original HP inkjet cartridge is that it ensures color fastness for printed documents, water resistance, fade resistance over time, and paper jams.

HP genuine toner cartridges are of international quality, non-staining ink that undergoes standard production processes for optimum printing performance, with minimal errors.


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Cost effective ink
HP 980 Inkjet Print Cartridge (D8J09A) - With precise specifications that make printing equipment stable, significantly reducing maintenance costs. Genuine HP ink cartridges help businesses manage the cost of printing in a professional-quality color from the original HP inkjet cartridges.

Fast printing and absolute syncing
HP 980 inkjet ink (D8J09A) is the most important yellow ink in the HP OfficeJet Enterprise X555, X585 series. Use genuine HP ink for fast, consistent, reliable printing.

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The HP 980 Inkjet Printer Cartridge (D8J09A) is the optimal choice for the bulk printing business. With the reliable quality of the original HP Inkjet toner, the color printing quality is as accurate and perfect as you would expect. HP easy-to-replace HP print cartridges for business-critical printing.

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