HP CZ130A Inkjet Print Cartridge is a genuine HP inkjet cartridge for the HP Designjet T120 / T520 Large Format Printer (24-in, 36-in). Cartridge capacity of 29ml, meet the needs of medium and small printing business and ensure the stable operation of the machine.

Good synchronization with the printer
HP CZ130A for HP Designjet T120 / T520 (24-in, 36-in). These are the large-format inkjet printers from HP that use four-color inkjet printers. HP CZ130A inkjet ink ensures good coverage, no clogging, fast drying and long lasting color. Ink perfect synchronization with the device helps maintain continuous printing, efficient and economical.

Mực in phun HP CZ130A - Cyan

Ensure a lively color system
Using HP inkjet cartridges, you are assured of quality ink: no flow, no ink and no toner to print out. The HP CZ130A is a blue ink cartridge in the 4-color HP 711 ink set. It is manufactured to meet the tightest, no-impurities standards, so large prints such as banners, wall pictures ... always have vibrant colors impressive.

Standard ink cartridges
The HP CZ130A Inkjet Print Cartridge is a 29ml medium capacity cartridge with moderate print output for small to medium businesses. Using genuine ink is recommended by professionals to enhance the spray nozzle protection, increase the durability and stability of the printer. The HP CZ130A is manufactured to international standards, is easy to assemble, manages and is environmentally friendly.

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