Select high-performance Black Laser Toner Cartridge (827A) - Black for continuous printing and long lasting cartridge replacement / refill. HP genuine toner for vivid color documents, meet the needs of creative, advertising.

Color printing professional
HP CF300A (827A) color laser toner - Black delivers true-to-life, detailed and vivid design, suitable for creative and advertising businesses. As a result, users are more confident with the documents used to transact clients, partners and advertisers.

Mực in laser màu HP CF300A (827A) - Black chính hãng

Limit paper jams, damage printers
The HP CF300A color laser printer (827A) is designed for the HP M880 color laser printer, giving you peace of mind when printing without worrying about paper jams. The HP CF300A is manufactured to exacting standards and specifications, giving you an impressive 29,500 color pages.

Please select the genuine HP toner for the printer:
- Low cost per page and high print yield.

- The cartridge design is easy to install and maintain for individual users and offices.

- True quality ink ribbon ink and non-slip ink on paper.

- The ability to synchronize well with the printer and help the machine operate smoothly, minimizing damage.

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