HP Printing Ink CD887AA (HP 703)

HP 703 Black Print Cartridge will give you high quality black prints, always limiting text or blurring the characters. Suitable for personal, home or small office use. The CD887A printer ink is compatible with the HP F735, D730, K109a, and K209a.

Mực In  HP CD887AA (HP 703)

Product information

Help the machine operate well

The product is designed to be compatible with the F735, D730, K109a, K209a. Thanks to modern technology, small ink particles minimize the damage to the machine. At the same time, the use of ink helps to operate the machine for a long time.

Clear print quality

With advanced ink technology, the ink is smooth and beautiful, giving a clear, eye-catching print. You will get high quality prints, clear without smudging. Thanks to that, you will feel comfortable using the prints.

Suitable for medium office use

With CD887AA ink, you can print up to 600 pages. Therefore, the product is only suitable for use in printers for personal use, or for use in the home.


- Type of printer used: F735, D730, K109a, K209a

- Color: Black

- Size: about 600 pages

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