Live colors
The HP CB320WA (564) yellow toner along with the synchronized color boxes will help create a vibrant color scheme for prints, color images displayed on durable paper for long periods of time.

Ink that meets all your needs such as image printing, graphic text printing, design.

Mực in phun HP CB320WA (564) - Yellow in màu cực chuẩn

Flexible HP printing cartridges
With HP CB320WA (564), you can print about 300 pages (with relative ink coverage). This is the ideal choice for small businesses and individuals who print small and irregular quantities with HP inkjet printers.

Ink for ink coverage is good, clear every detail on the paper to help you print without any obstacles.

Mực in phun HP CB320WA (564) - Yellow chính hãng, giá tốt

Nozzle protection
HP CB320WA (564) Inkjet Cartridge - Yellow is less clogged when printing, with no ink, no ink, and no printouts. Genuine HP quality toners are manufactured with the ability to prevent corrosion and help protect the nozzle effectively.

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