Inkjet cartridge HP CB317WA (564)
For inkjet printers that print images with beautiful color, polar standards. The HP genuine ink cartridge is easy-to-install, providing effective nozzle protection to ensure good machine operation.


Mực in phun HP CB317WA (564)


OEM quality
The HP CB317WA ink jet (564) gives you good ink coverage on paper for printing without the hassle. Toner is less clogged when printing, not flowing, ink ribbon and does not print out.

Genuine HP quality toners are manufactured with the ability to prevent corrosion and help protect the nozzle effectively.

Good performance
With HP CB317WA (564), you can print about 130 pages (with relative ink coverage). The HP CB317WA inkjet printer (564) is ideal for small and casual print and small businesses.

Vivid color printing
HP CB317WA inkjet printers (564) are designed with specifications specific to photo printers to create a vivid color scheme for prints, long lasting color images on long lasting paper. . Ink that meets all your needs such as image printing, graphic text printing, design.

HP CB317WA (564) - Choose the professional quality color printing solution from HP.

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