Nozzle protection is effective
Use HP C9392A (88XL) inkjet ink - Magenta for ink coverage is quite good, less stuck ink situation to help you print more professional. Genuine HP quality ink is produced with the ability to prevent corrosion and to better protect the nozzle. Therefore, the durability of the machine also lasts longer.

Mực in phun HP C9392A (88XL) - Magenta chính hãng, in màu sống động

Large capacity cartridge
HP C9392A (88XL) inkjet printers are quite large, and you can print about 1,980 pages (with relative ink coverage). The HP 88XL is the ideal choice for businesses who print large volumes of prints on a daily basis, significantly reducing the cost of ink cartridges and extending cartridge life.

Print quality is clear, durable
With the need to print pictures, print graphic text, and design, the HP C9392A (88XL) - Magenta can help you handle the print job, for vibrant color quality and long lasting beauty. With genuine HP toner, you can be assured of the quality of the toner, the flow of ink, the toner and the print quality.

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