HP C8775WA Inkjet Cartridge (02) - Light Magenta is an important toner cartridge to create a vivid color scheme for your prints. Ink HP 02 contributes to maintain the stable operation of the machine, and easy to remove, maintain.

Nozzle protection is effective
The HP C8775WA Inkjet Printer Cartridge (02) is manufactured with precise specifications that can prevent corrosion and provide efficient spray nozzle protection and increased durability. HP ink cartridges bring peace of mind to users with genuine quality, less clogged prints, less toner and less printouts.

Mực in phun HP C8775WA (02) - Light Magenta chính hãng, giá tốt

HP 02 Color Photo Printer
With the HP C8775WA (02) inkjet cartridge, users can print approximately 230 pages of images (with relative ink coverage). HP 02 ink is the ideal choice for small businesses as well as individuals who need professional color photos in moderate amounts.

Vivid color printing, durable
The HP C8775WA Inkjet Print Cartridge (02) is ideal for photo printers with good ink coverage on paper, dry and longer lasting color. HP 02 ink is ideal for photo printing, graphic design by inkjet printer with a vibrant color system, durable.

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