High performance HP printing ink
The HP C6615DA Black Inkjet Printer (15) - Black delivers approximately 500 pages of high quality standard color (with relative ink coverage). With a low cost per page and a high print capacity, HP 15 is the ideal choice for any business.

Mực in phun HP C6615DA (15) - Black chính hãng, giá tốt

Impressive color printing
Black ink HP C6615DA (15) is an indispensable inkjet printer ink with the ability to create eye-catching colors, for printing images, printing text, graphics. Quality genuine HP ink does not flow, ink and ink are not squeezed out in print.

Good synchronization with the machine, protect the print head
HP C6615DA Inkjet Print Cartridge (15) - Black for good ink coverage on paper, minimizes ink stains, helps you print more professionally. The HP quality ink cartridge also helps protect the nozzle, ensuring the printer operates stably. HP 15 ink is produced for the corresponding HP inkjet printer line for efficient synchronization.

HP Deskjet 810c / 840c / 845c Inkjet Printer
HP Deskjet 920c / 940c / 3820 inkjet printers
HP Officejet V40 / 5110 Inkjet Printer
HP inkjet PSC 500/750/950

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